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Amy Tyler, ND* (Naturopathic Doctor) has been providing natural health solutions to Austin residents since 2007. Blending modern science with the art and tradition of herbal medicine, supplements, and nutrition & lifestyle recommendations, Amy provides a unique approach to optimizing her clients' health.  She takes the time to listen closely to her clients and design individualized wellness plans to help them attain their wellness goals. Amy is passionate about educating her clients about how their bodies work & the roles that nutrition, exercise, sleep, & stress management play in their health, so that they are motivated to make recommended changes and can better advocate for themselves.

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* Because the state of Texas does not regulate or license the profession of naturopathic medicine, Amy Tyler, ND cannot diagnose or treat disease. For this reason it is recommended that you consult with your licensed medical doctor for any medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The information provided on is not intended as a substitute for medical advice; Amy Tyler, ND and assume no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions in the content of this site. All rights reserved.

Please visit to support licensure efforts for naturopathic medicine in Texas.

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