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First appointments are 60-90 minute long, and involve collecting information about your health history, current concerns, and wellness goals.  You will receive a wellness plan at the end of your visit, which may include nutrition, lifestyle, and/or supplement recommendations.


Prior to your first visit, you will receive a link to fill out an electronic health questionnaire on our client portal.  By providing this information in advance, Amy Tyler, ND* will be able to review it ahead of time so that she can make the most of your time together in your first appointment. 


Follow-up appointments are generally 30-45 minutes, during which time your progress will be assessed, any new concerns may be discussed, and the wellness plan adjusted as needed. 


Appointments are all virtual, either through a secure video platform (doxy, which does not require any downloads) or phone.

Initial Consultation: depending on complexity

* 60 minutes $275

* 90 minutes $355

Re-establish care: for returning clients who haven't had an appointment in 3+ years

60 minutes $255
* 90 minutes $335


Follow Up Consultations: depending on complexity

* 15 minutes $65

* 30 minutes $130

* 45 minutes $175

* 60 minutes $220

* 75 minutes $265

* 90 minutes $315

* Because the state of Texas does not regulate or license the profession of naturopathic medicine, Amy Tyler, ND cannot diagnose or treat disease. For this reason it is recommended that you consult with your licensed medical doctor for any medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The information provided on is not intended as a substitute for medical advice; Amy Tyler, ND and assume no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions in the content of this site. All rights reserved.

Please click here if you would like to support licensure efforts for naturopathic medicine in Texas.

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